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RE: Extreme newbie here...

> > I'm just looking for a free compiler, and I thought Cygwin was one.

> (Cygwin did have the ability to generate Windows programs, but it is
> unfortunately broken in recent releases.)

Actually, I have been investigating this.  GCC should work just fine with
-mno-cygwin for C code.  It also works pretty well for C++ code.  I have
only found two problems so far.

The first problem is minor and involves the way g++ links with libc.a and
libm.a.  I have a modified g++.exe that I can send to peaple that need it
until I can release an update gcc package.  (Mumit is still the "real"
maintainer, he is just unavailable until mid-month.)

The second problem is more of an issue.  Currently when the compiler driver
is called with -mno-cygwin it cannot link code that uses exceptions.  I am
looking into this.  I have not had a chance to validate whether or not this
worked with B20.x, a given DLL snapshot, and/or some version of Mumit's GCC
release.  I assume it did, but possibly required his mingw-extras package.
This does not appear to work with the net release.

The other issue that arises in some packages like FLTK is that the cygwin
1.1.x release uses a newer version of gcc that adheres more strictly to the
C++ standard and as a result will not accept some code that earlier versions
would accept.  This will require changes to the package's source code.  An
example of this kind of problem is shown below:

gcc -I /usr/i686-pc-cygwin/include/mingw -I.. -I. -O2 -fforce-mem
-fforce-addr -fcaller-saves -fomit-frame-pointer -DWIN32 -mno-cygwin -DWIN32
-mno-cygwin Fl_Widget_Type.cxx -c
Fl_Widget_Type.cxx: In method `void Fl_Widget_Type::read_property(const char
Fl_Widget_Type.cxx:2007: cannot resolve overloaded function `name' based on
conversion to type `const char *'
Fl_Widget_Type.cxx:2009: `return' with a value, in function returning void
make[1]: *** [Fl_Widget_Type.o] Error 1

I am not picking on FLTK.  I just know Carl is trying to compile it with
cygwin and I am trying to help where I can.

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