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Re: Setup didn't update me to cygwin 1.1.2

Brian Keener wrote:
> Further question though on this - if I now do this correctly (dare I??) Will 
> that then cause my cygcheck -s -r -v to show my cygwin is on 1.1.2 as opposed 
> to 1.1.1 as it now does?

Answered my own question here.  I redid the install in the proposed method and 
1.1.2 installed as you said it would Chris.  If I do a uname -a from the bash 
prompt I can see where I believe it is telling me that is it cygwin 1.1.2, 
however if I do a cygcheck -s -r -v  when it gets to the registry keys for 
installed products it still says that cygwin = '0001.0001.0001'.  Is this as it 
should be or should this have updated to '0001.0001.0002' or '0001.0001.0010'?

Just that I would add this.

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Thank you.

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