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RE: setup, default mounts

Ron Parker put me on the track with a pointer to the developers list,
. Thanx! I didn't think of searching the developers list.

I don't need to waste diskspace with duplicate sets of binaries. If /bin
just contains a few (turns out to be quite a few) mandatory binaries, I'm
happy. By 'mandatory', I mean mandatory in the sense that the FHS
<> defines it in section 3.1, "3.1 /bin
Essential user command binaries (for use by all users)". The FHS list

 General commands
  cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, cp, date, dd, df, dmesg, echo, ed,
  false, kill, ln, login, ls, mkdir, mknod, more, mount, mv, ps,
  pwd, rm, rmdir, sed, setserial, sh, stty, su, sync, true, umount,

 Restoration commands
  tar, gzip, gunzip (link to gzip),zcat (link to gzip

 Networking commands
  domainname, hostname, netstat, ping

The Cygwin binary tar-balls tend to put most binaries in /bin. That's also
OK, I think; that leaves /usr/bin for most other user commands and
contributions that would otherwise go to /usr/local/bin. My PATH includes
both directories (and /usr/local/bin, and a ~/bin almost in front). Bingo,
no duplicates (except in my ~/bin). The whole idea is to be able to
./configure; make; make install with minimal fuss, as if it was just another
*nix box.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

Earie Boyd wrote:
> You are free to do that yourself.  However, I don't want the diskspace
> with duplicate sets of binaries.

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