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Background processes?

Howdy all!

With the latest version of Cygwin, and some patches from Sergey
Okhapkin to use as a reference, I've managed to build a version of
the ssh 1.2.27 server for win98 that allows incoming ssh/scp for my windows 
box. Woohoo!

What I'd like to do now is change things so that I can have sshd
started at boot time and just run in the background without taking up
slots on the taskbar or system tray. I'd like to do something simular
with a port of the ntp client/server.

I foud I can use a shell script and run it as "bash /path/to/script"
to launch sshd without the "cannot find required DLL cygwin.x" error,
but 1) the console window stays open even after ssh has gone into the
background and bash has terminated and 2) after bash terminates I get
the error "Cannot fork process: permission denied" in the syslog
whenever I try to start an ssh session.

I scanned the FAQ and I -think- compiling with -Ml,windows or
something like that might allow the console window to close when bash
terminates, but I'm not sure what to do about the forking problem, or
if there is a more elegant way to start sshd then from a shell script
-- is there a way to tell it where the cygwin DLL is?

All help appreciated,

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