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problems compiling Visual C sources

I got cygwin and I develop my own (simple) c programs with it. All works
fine. But when I try to compile an source code created to be compiled with
Visual C I get a lot of erros.

Usually I´m notified by cygwin that he couldn't find some header files.
Some of them are :

<afxwin.h>    // MFC core and standard components
<afxext.h>     // MFC extensions
<afxdisp.h>  // MFC Automation classes
<afxdtctl.h>  // MFC support for Internet Explorer 4 Common Controls

I know that these header files aren't with my system.

So my questions are:
    1) Are ther any header file on cygwin that I can use to replace these
above (and others) to compile programs develop to be compiled under Visual

    2) What are header files that I can use to develop visual applications
for windows with cygwin?

    3) More important: where can I get a tutoria that explaine me how to use
cygwin and how to take advantage of all it's power?


Márcio Andrey Oliveira
Registered Linux User 124.801

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