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Re: disk/file Image Utility ?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Van de Vyver - accfin_staff" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 7:05 AM
Subject: disk/file Image Utility ?

>  Hi,
>  I was wondering if there is a 'disk imaging' type utility out there -
>  I've been digging for some time with no positive result.  I'm new to
>  Cygwin so there might be a std utility/package that could do the same
>  thing?
>  The idea is to make a complete backup of a system disk on another
>  disk under Win-NT (possibly with compressed drives!!)  I've fiddled
>  enough with NT to suspect that this would be extremely difficult :)
This is IMHO off topic for this list, perhaps a M$ list would be helpful.
>  Related - Is there a reviews type site for gnu/cygwin packages? I've seen
>  the (v.long) packages listing linked from sourceware where you have to
>  drill down (a long page) to the authors site to find out what the app
>  actually does, which with slow connections is quite painful.
You might try a web search site.
>  TIA
>  MV
See Ya,

W. Terry Lincoln

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