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Re: Make and javac compliler problem in bash

Paul Kinnucan wrote:
> At 10:21 AM 6/12/00 -0700, you wrote:
> ><Problem 1>
> >I have a Makefile which compiles java program, if I type
> >make, after the screen shows the "javac", and then
> >hangs.  The Makefile doesn't need to
> >be complex. Any simple Makefile that compiles even
> >will make the bash console stuck.
> See "Why is make behaving badly?" in the Cygnus faq at

This FAQ entry doesn't seem to address his problem.

> ><Problem 2>
> >It seems to me that javac in Windows will accept directories only in
> >MS-DOS way. For example, "javac -classpath /a/b/c" won't work.
> >
> How could it be otherwise? The Windows version of javac is, surprise,
> a Windows application. Windows applications don't recognize Unix
> paths. Ergo, the Windows version of javac does not recognize Unix
> paths. QED.

Actually, Win32 _does_ allow path names to use forward slashes as the
directory separator.  The FAQ question you pointed out above even mentions
this.  If javac does not allow this, it is not a normal Windows
application.  (Obviously, Win32 does not allow Cygwin style drive
references, but the poster doesn't seem to be talking about that.)

> - Paul

Carl Thompson

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