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Re: Make and javac compliler problem in bash

At 11:53 AM 6/12/00 -0400, you wrote:
>At 10:21 AM 6/12/00 -0700, you wrote:
> ><Problem 1>
> >I have a Makefile which compiles java program, if I type
> >make, after the screen shows the "javac", and then
> >hangs.  The Makefile doesn't need to
> >be complex. Any simple Makefile that compiles even
> >will make the bash console stuck.
>See "Why is make behaving badly?" in the Cygnus faq at

1) I think that you are misunderstanding the problem.
2) You think that everything is in FAQ ?
Whatever you do, "make" will stuck with javac.

> ><Problem 2>
> >It seems to me that javac in Windows will accept directories only in
> >MS-DOS way. For example, "javac -classpath /a/b/c" won't work.
> >
>How could it be otherwise? The Windows version of javac is, surprise, a
>Windows application. Windows applications don't recognize Unix paths. Ergo,
>the Windows version of javac does not recognize Unix paths. QED.

Why can't it be otherwise ? Lack of imagination ?  QED ( :-) )
1) I thought that javac, being a product of Sun Microsystem, (and there exist
     its counterpart in Unix) would accept unix style path, which I found 
is  not
     the case. It is better to write an application to accept both styles. 
     we should request Sun to do it, letting them know that in Windows there
     are many Unix tool users.
2) Rather than messing around the backslash and slash all over the places,
     and make Makefiles and other shell scripts incompatible with the Unix,
     (for example, I want to use the same Makefile on both platform - yes, 
I have
      Sunworkstation on my left side and WindowsNT on my right side),
     maybe, bash or some other utility registers applications which requires
     windows specific path, and whenever you use unix style path, it 
     converts to MS-DOS style when the system finally gives the application 
the path.

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