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Re: Make and javac compliler problem in bash

At 04:56 PM 6/12/00 -0400, Jason Tishler wrote:
>Paul Kinnucan wrote:
>> The Windows version of javac does not support paths that BEGIN with a
>> forward slash. 
>The Windows version of Sun's javac does support paths that begin with
>a forward slash.  Although, it will only interpret the path relative to
>the current drive letter.

I didn't know that. I'll check it out. Thanks for pointing this out.

>> That is the crux of Jin's complaint.
>It certainly will not use Cygwin's mount table -- maybe this is the
>crux of Jin's problem.

Perhaps, although he said nothing to indicate this.

>> Yes, but have you run the Cygnus version of GNU make on Windows/NT?  The
>> Cygnus version of GNU make is a version that has been modified to run in
>> two modes: Windows mode and  Unix mode. See the Cygnus FAQ for more
>> information.  I've generally had the most success running the Cygnus
>> version when I run it in UNIX mode.
>I have from b17 to b20.1 (and soon on 1.1.2), but only in UNIX mode.
>Due to desiring tolerance of \r\n in makefiles, I decided to upgrade
>from Cygwin make 3.77 to GNU make 3.79.  It built OOTB without any
>fuss.  And since I'm only interested in UNIX mode, I didn't notice any
>issues (ie, lack of the Windows mode).

The Windows mode, which I assume Jin is running, uses the native Windows
command shell to launch executables. I'm guessing that running make in
Windows mode from a Unix shell (i.e., bash) is going to run into standard
I/O problems, which is what Jin seems to be experiencing.

- Paul

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