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Re: Make and javac compliler problem in bash

At 06:21 PM 6/12/00 -0400, Paul Kinnucan wrote:

> >>Did you actually try running make in Unix mode as suggested in the FAQ?
> >
> >
> >Of course.
> >
>And what happened? Were you able to get your makefile to work?

If it had worked, I wouldn't even have bothered to ask here :-)

>I said "without any additional information" because you couched your
>requirement in a general way. The solution you're suggesting requires that
>a user install Cygwin and create a mount table that maps DOS to Unix paths.
>I suspect this is a solution of limited appeal to most developers of
>Windows applications, including Sun.
>It would be great if Sun or someone else ports javac to Cygwin, but at the
>moment javac is a native Windows application and that was the situation I
>addressed in my original response to you.

Yes, the above is one of the solution that I suggested. Ask them to recognize
the Cygwin community.
But a better way would be to resolve it within Cygwin.
By default, any application that is not in cygwin may be considered as
Windows native application (WNA). So, when you launch WNAs,
cygwin can convert the unix style directory to DOS style.  After the 
pass the converted MS-DOS style path to the WNA.
I don't know why you think that this is so impossible or so difficult.
It is just  putting the gvim's functionality into Cygwin.

If an application that is not WNA and not in Cygwin, cygwin may provide
some facility to register those applications. Maybe any application that
uses cygwin.dll may be considered as non-WNAs.

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