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openssh and inetd woes...

Hi all! I'm new to this list so please bear with me if this is a clueless

I'm trying to set up a *minimal* remote admin kit for NT using Corianna
Vinschen's excellent ports of inetd and openssh. This means I'm not using
the full Cygwin environment.

* When I'm running SSHD as a stand-alone server I can't scp to the system -
"connecion lost". SCP works fine if I'm running from inetd or if I'm running
"sshd -d".

* When running sshd from inetd I don't get the output from _Win32_ console
apps (like net.exe). These apps are started in the backgroud (a separate
console window pops up on the server). For some reason, this works fine when
running sshd as a stand-alone server or in debug mode.

Any clues - anyone?

Stefan Norberg

Everything is mounted TEXT mode.

Files on the system:
	cygwin.dll (latest net release),
	inetd.exe (running as Local System),

	passwd (made by mkpasswd -l)
	group (made by mkgroup -l)

The software is built this way:

./configure --libexecdir=/winnt/system32 --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/winnt/s
ystem32 --bindir=/winnt/system32 --sbindir=/winnt/system32
$ make all

./configure --prefix=/winnt/system32 --bindir=/winnt/system32 --sbindir=/win
nt/system32 --sysconfdir=/etc --with-ssl-dir=/usr/src/openssl/openssl-0.9.5 
--with-pid-dir=/winnt/system32 --with-default-path=/winnt/system32 --without
-lastlog --with-libexecdir=/winnt/system32

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