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Where can I get Cygwin 20.1b?

I'm trying to make a ".dll" so that I can run the JNI and interface some C++ 
code with some Java code...

Here is the site I found some code :

That demonstrates how this works.   HERE IS MY PROBLEM: When I run the 
already compiled code examples that come with the "dll helpers from that web 
site",  it works FINE! which tells me that the .dll that *someone* created 
is valid.   Yet when *I* try to compile the code, and create the .dll 
myself; it fails.   I believe it's because I don't have the right version of 
Cygwin (which it recommends 20.1b  or better)   and therefore I don't have 
the right version of egcs (which is recommended 1.1.1) where my version 
shows I have 1.1

I'm told that Cygwin 20.1b is the version I need to be running because it 
contains egcs 1.1.1 and apparently I dont' have that version because when I 
do "gcc -v" it tells me I have egcs 1.1   not  egcs 1.1.1

I've downloaded the  Cygwin 20b apparently (from the "latest" release 
directory on cygwin's ftp site and installed it...   but when I do  "uname 
-a"  it tells me I have 20.1....    I'm so confused...  since even during 
the Install process it tells me I am installing just version 20b.

I tried to installed egcs separately (newest version) thinking that would 
fix my problem that I'm having  (lack of egcs version 1.1.1); but I can't 
seem to get that installed to see if that fixes my problem.

So I'm thinking that if I just got the full version of cygwin (the 20.1b 
version) everything should work fine..

Can someone please help me find the full version of 20.1 ???
I tried going to the Cygwin ftp site, and downloading what it says is the 
"latest".. but when I install it   it only says it's version 20.   I even 
tried downloading the  ".dll" upgrade that "supposedly" upgrades me from 20  
to 20.1    but that seems to make no difference in the compile results 
problem that I'm having..

Help Please!!


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