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Re: (Q)how to use perl in cygwin-b20?

See my site, for a precompiled perl.
You don't need to install rpm to use my perl package; however, rpm is
useful with *one* of the three perl binaries on my site:

  most recent development snapshot of perl that I compiled for B20
(newer binaries on my site, including perl-5.6.0, were built for V1.1 &
the CD). You can use rpm (also provided at cygutils) to install
precompiled extension modules.

  stable perl release. Includes various precompiled modules, dynamically
linked from the main perl.exe. You don't need rpm for this version.

  stable perl release. Includes precompiled modules statically linked
into perl.exe.


Don't try to build perl-5.6.0-RCanything or the 5.6.0 release using B20;
it won't work. The latest perl uses features provided by the more recent
cygwin dlls. The latest version of perl that would compile with
cygwin-B20 was 5.005_62.


> Okehee Goh wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using cygwin-b20(I don't know the version of cygwin installed in
> my computer.
> The folder structure for this package
> is"C:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin".
> I need to use perl.  However, the cygwin I have doesn't include perl.
> So, should I install perl-5.6.0-RCI on the current cygwin?
> To do that, I need to install RPM first of all.
> The procedure looks complicated.
> Is there any other way to upgrade everything at just one step without
> paying to buy software?
> Sorry if this question is too egoistic.
> Okehee
>  ********************************************************************
>  Okehee Goh
>  RealTime System Lab.  (T) 1-352-392-6836
>  CISE Dept.  University Of Florida

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