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Re: openssh and inetd woes...

Can you point me to where I can get inetd for cygwin?

Noel on 06/14/2000 06:02:24 AM

Please respond to

cc: (bcc: Noel L Yap)
Subject:  Re: openssh and inetd woes...

Stefan Norberg wrote:
> > Sorry but I can't reproduce that behaviour. I'm using sshd
> > as stand-alone service which runs with my own user account.
> I nailed it down to bash. It works if I use "sh" as the shell. Why?

Because the path "/bin/sh" is hardcoded as the path to the default
shell, if ssh can't find another shell in the users /etc/passwd
entry. If you don't like it, you'll have to config _PATH_BSHELL
as another shell and moreover there are some hardcoded /bin/sh
calls in some sourcefiles which has to be changed by hand:


I've just mailed that problem to one of the OpenSSH maintainers.

> Corinna - are you researching the inetd Win32 stuff or is it in /dev/null?

I'm sorry again, I can't reproduce that on my system. I have
started sshd via inetd and the output of native win32 tools
is shown in my ssh xterm window as well as in ssh started from a
cmd window as expected. But I have seen a problem with xauth in
that configuration which I will (hopefully) get patched in my
next version of OpenSSH. Seems to be a permission problem.


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