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RE: telnet problems with current cygwin version

Edward Muller [emuller@PaineWebber.COM]

> Does this seem right? why does starting inetd reset mount points?

Just a guess, but are you running inetd as some other user (rather than
something like LocalSystem)?

It could be that you have a separate set of user mounts for the user that
inetd runs as.  Unless you are running some other Cygwin application, as
soon as your first mount completes, cygwin1.dll is unloaded.  Then, when you
start inetd, cygwin1.dll loads again and processes the mount table based on
the user that inetd runs as.  However, inetd doesn't exit as a service, and
thus when you run mount the next time, it uses the already loaded
cygwin1.dll and "inherits" (or rather shares) the mount setup that inetd

I'd check your registry for the Cygwin mount table information.  If you're
going to be using services, you may be better off establishing your mounts
as system mounts and avoiding user mounts for consistency, unless you're
very careful.

-- David

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