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New gcc/binutils available for testing

I've been pounding away on gcc and binutils for a day or so and I think
I have something for people to try.  Here's what's new:

(Note that the below strong positive statements indicating that
something is fixed may well be wishful thinking.)

- Elimination of the /tmp\foo errors from various binutils tools.
  (Brought about by using a newer version of libiberty when building)

- No more "impure_ptr" errors when compiling with -mno-cygwin.
  (After exhaustive debugging)

- No more linking of libm.a since libm.a is really libcygwin.a.
  Patch from Ron Parker:

- Enable -Bdynamic, -Bstatic and linking of dlls on the command line.
  Patches from Chuck Wilson:

- Proper searching of libraries and header files with -mno-cygwin.
  Patch from Dale Goudey:

- Defines -Dunix when -mno-cygwin is not specified.  This was discussed
  on the Cygwin mailing list recently.  You should be able to undef
  this by saying -Uunix if it causes problems.

- Does not automatically define any WIN32 or WINNT environment variables
  when -mno-win32 is specified.

- Eliminates usr/i686-pc-cygwin/include files.

- Fixes windres for correct handling of icons
  Patch from DJ Delorie:

I think that's it.

This is available for testing here:



You should be able to install these by downloading the files to an EMPTY
DIRECTORY, copying a recent 'setup.exe' there and typing 'setup'. Obviously
you will have to choose the "install from the current directory" option.

Beware: I have not yet tried this on Windows 95 and I have done only
very minimal testing on Windows NT.

Please send success or bug reports to .
If I get enough success reports, I'll install this on sourceware.


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