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Re: Problem compiling perl module Term::ReadKey under cygwin

On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 01:05:58AM -0400, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
>Everyone else on the planet disagrees with both him and me.  Fine.
>That's okay, that's what open source is all about.

There are certainly people who agree with you, Chuck.  Earnie is one.

>In any case, I find it ironic that everyone's being so hard on that guy.
>He did what we all want people to do on this list!!! He
>(a) noticed a problem
>(b) proposed a patch
>(c) accepted criticism
>(d) proposed a revised patch
>It doesn't matter if the patch wasn't accepted. The fact is, on one hand
>we criticize folks for whining about bugs without attempting to fix it
>themselve -- we tell them to submit a patch. That does not mean we have
>to accept all patches that come in -- but when one DOES come in, let's
>not ridicule the submitter, OK?

I'm not sure who the "everyone" you're referring to but I've only seen
only one thing that could be characterised as criticism.  I thanked
someone for understanding the reason for the change to Cygwin.
Hopefully that was not seen as a slam against the person who submitted
the patch.

I am also thankful that someone took the time to track down what needed
to be changed but I haven't reached a point where I think there is a
crying need to change cygwin back to its old behavior.  I try to
minimize the number of options available for the CYGWIN environment
variable, too.  This is just in the interests of not presenting too many
things for people to tweak that make problem debugging harder.

>FWIW, I *did* track down this error. It's actually in libiberty, not
>perl, and is the result cygwin's unusual status as a unix platform
>running under windows: _WIN32 is defined, so libiberty uses '\' as the
>path separator. Once I figure out to whom the patch should go (since
>everybody seems to maintain their own version -- gcc, cygwin, binutils,
>etc) I'll submit it.

gcc and binutils have somewhat separate versions of libiberty.  Cygwin
uses the binutils version.  The binutils version is imported from gcc

But you don't need to do anything.  It's already fixed in CVS in both
binutils and gcc (and has been for some time) and I've made an
experimental version of binutils available with the fix.


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