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Re: Problem compiling perl module Term::ReadKey under cygwin

> I'm not sure who the "everyone" you're referring to but I've only seen
> only one thing that could be characterised as criticism.  I thanked
> someone for understanding the reason for the change to Cygwin.
> Hopefully that was not seen as a slam against the person who submitted
> the patch.
> I am also thankful that someone took the time to track down what needed
> to be changed but I haven't reached a point where I think there is a
> crying need to change cygwin back to its old behavior.  I try to
> minimize the number of options available for the CYGWIN environment
> variable, too.  This is just in the interests of not presenting too many
> things for people to tweak that make problem debugging harder.

I understand. There are already too many CYGWIN options for me to keep
track of. 

> >FWIW, I *did* track down this error. It's actually in libiberty, not
> >perl, and is the result cygwin's unusual status as a unix platform
> >running under windows: _WIN32 is defined, so libiberty uses '\' as the
> >path separator. Once I figure out to whom the patch should go (since
> >everybody seems to maintain their own version -- gcc, cygwin, binutils,
> >etc) I'll submit it.
> gcc and binutils have somewhat separate versions of libiberty.  Cygwin
> uses the binutils version.  The binutils version is imported from gcc
> regularly.
> But you don't need to do anything.  It's already fixed in CVS in both
> binutils and gcc (and has been for some time) and I've made an
> experimental version of binutils available with the fix.

Well, that serves me right for debugging with the tarball versions
instead of CVS. :-)


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