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Re: New gcc/binutils available for testing (TRY 2) -- fixes

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 08:51:31AM -0700, Dale Goudey wrote:
>>Dale Goudey wrote
>>>2.  For true mingw support (is there such a thing?), you will need to
>>>install the complete
>>>     mingw header/library set and modify the specs file (see below).
>Chris Faylor response
>>The Cygwin release contains libraries and include files that are common
>>to both mingw and cygwin.  The windows specific include files that are
>>in /usr/include are the same files that are released in a mingw-only
>>distribution.  Ditto, the lib files.
>>The only things that I see that are not already in cygwin are a couple
>>of include files (gmon.h, profil.h, and profile.h) and libraries
>>(crt2.o, dllcrt2.o, and gcrt0.o).  This is only a relatively cursory
>>search, but I believe that this is correct.
>>If Mumit wants to add these to the cygwin release when he gets back,
>>I'll let him make that call.
>What I meant by "true mingw support" was that the -mno-cygwin flag will
>guarantee that the compile/link will NOT NEED the cygwin library, not MAYBE
>NOT NEED.  As implemented in the cygwin distribution, the compiler will
>"see" all the headers specific to the cygwin libraries whether the software
>developer intended that of not.  The software developer can accidentally use
>cygwin-specific functions and the compiler will not complain or offer a
>warning.  To prevent link-time problems, the developer needs to know what
>header files shouldn't be used with the -mno-cygwin flag.

I understand this.  However, I am not willing to duplicate all of the files
in the cygwin include directory into the mingw directory.

Again, if and when Mumit returns, if he decides that there is a better way
to do this, I will joyously accede to his wishes.

>I have a need to develop code that uses cygwin.  I also have a need to
>develop (different) code that does not.  I also don't want to waste time
>tracking down what headers I can or can't use when I use -mno-cygwin.  My
>configuration (slightly modified from standard as I described) allows me to
>do this.  If it costs me a separate set of headers on my hard disk, well I
>think I can afford that (I can't afford the time wasted tracking down
>problems related to what is and what is not only in the cygwin library).

I think that I would suggest that people who are concerned about this problem
should use the mingw specific compiler and tools.


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