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Re:New gcc/binutils available for testing (TRY 2) -- fixes

>On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 12:23:33PM +0200, Sergey Grigoriev wrote:
>>It works not yet right. The problem is:
>>it uses librarys which are builded to use crtdll.dll as c-runtime.
>>By this way it will be not correct to define __MSVCRT__  on compile time
>>and link it with msvcrt.dll
>>(and executable is linked with both crtdll.dll and msvcrt.dll - sometime
>>it can be 
>>working but somtime not (My project is not working by this way))
>>crt0,dllcrt0,gcrt0 -> CYGWIN1.DLL  linkage
>>crt1,dllcrt1,gcrt1 -> CRTDLL.DLL    linkage (gcrt1.o is not included in 
>>Cygwin-distribution, but can be obtained from MinGW-crtdll package)
>>crt2,dllcrt2,gcrt2 -> MSVCRT.DLL   linkage (MinGW-MSVCRT-package)
>Ok.  I'll remove the msvcrt stuff.  It sounds like it would be a nice
>idea to add a -mmsvcrt switch or something.

It will be nice of place of "-mno-cygwin" (is there -mcygwin?) to have
-mcrtdll and -mmsvcrt.

I don't see any header problem here, but I don't
know how to swith library-directories (like it done with 
"-iwithprefixbefore ../../../../include/mingw32" for cpp) on link-time.
Is there somethink like "-lwithprefixbefore"?

>Eventually, maybe we want to merge the msvcrt stuff into the cygwin
>distribution but that's outside the scope of what I'm trying to do.

It will be really great to have one (and not three -
Cygwin/mingw-crtdll/mingw-msvcrt) up-to-dated distribution 
usable to build Cygwin/crtdll/msvcrt-linked exe/dll.


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