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New gcc/binutils available for testing


I was getting the same error as you -  I had used Dale Goudey's message 
to set up my Mingw32 and used his directory structure and followed his 
installation instructions.   One thing I noticed though was while I was 
installing I ended up with mutliple spec files - one in the standard 


and then one associated with the mingw32 stuff and then I had the one 
that Dale supplied.  I put Dale's in place of the one that was installed 
with the mingw32 stuff and then got the same errors as you.  When I moved 
the one that Dale supplied to the standard location:


then when I compile (with or without the -mno-cygwin option) the error 
goes away and the compiles and links all seem to work fine and from what 
I can see using the -H option does appear to be using a different set of 
header files depending on whether or not I use -mno-cygwin.

Hope this helps.
Brian Keener

Virtual  Access 4.52 build 277 (32-bit) Win95

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Thank you.

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