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RE: weird hanging problems with cygwin v1.1.2

%HOME% is set to M:\, which is a pointer to my home directory that lives on
a Linux box running Samba.  When i first run bash, it sources my .bashrc
file in M:\, but after that point, i don't know why it would have any
further reliance on that particular network drive.  I could see an instance
where if it does continually try to access M: and Samba tries to contact the
PDC of the CURLDEV domain to do continual authentication, that might cause a
hang.  The thing is, though, that a) i don't know why something like ls.exe
would need access to %HOME% after bash starts up (and especially just
running ls from DOS, not even from bash!), and b) i haven't experienced any
delays on my NT box with any non-cygwin app (even Outlook, which relies on
my m:\ drive for my .pst file) due to the domain being down. That's what's
strange about it.  Again, i may just be missing some critical bit of
knowledge about cygwin, and i'll be happy to be enlightened.  :)


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From: Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) []
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 4:04 PM
To: John Pollock
Subject: RE: weird hanging problems with cygwin v1.1.2

At 03:34 PM 6/16/2000, John Pollock wrote:
>no, 'cause i had turned off Norton AntiVirus prior to my 2nd round of
>experimentation.  There are, however, a few interesting things which i've
>plucked out using filemon.exe:
>3:08:28 PM      LSASS.EXE       IRP_MJ_CREATE   \NTCURLDEV\PIPE\lsarpc
>Attributes: Any Options: Open
>WriteLen: 72 ReadLen: 1024
>WriteLen: 92 ReadLen: 1024
>"NTCURLDEV" is the name of the NT domain to which my machine belongs.  It's
>been down for days, which isn't a problem because i log in as a local user
>to my NT box.  However, filemon shows that each time i run a cygwin tool
>like ls, cygwin is doing something network-related, even when i'm doing an
>ls of a local disk (C:).  Same with rm.  I just got the domain back up
>and the delays appear to have disappeared.  This is disturbing, tho; why
>these commands network-dependent at all?  This wasn't the case with the
>previous version of cygwin i was using (b20)
>There's also mention in the filemon log about scans of c:\etc\passwd (there
>for sshd purposes) and i'm not sure why that's getting looked at either.

How about your HOME environment variable?  What's it set to?

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