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Re: New GCC available for testing (TRY 4) -- fixes include path problem

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 01:10:08PM -0700, Carl Thompson wrote:
>Wouldn't it be better (and probably save you a lot of mailing list headaches
>in the future) to just duplicate the Windows headers in the MinGW directory
>and not search the POSIX directory?  Or better yet to have a separate
>Windows header directory that is used by both?  I can easily see someone
>accidentally including a POSIX header for a normal Windows program then
>complaining to you that Cygwin is broken.

I am not changing the directory structure.

>I just took another quick look at the way things are now and I noticed
>another problem.  Some Windows headers are only in the POSIX include
>directory (such as "windows.h"), but some are only in the MinGW directory
>(such as "direct.h").  That means, with your latest snapshot, Cygwin
>programs can't use "direct.h" if they need to!

Did you look at the contents of direct.h?  It's mingw-specific.  POSIX
programs use dirent.h.


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