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RE: weird hanging problems with cygwin v1.1.2


This is a definite problem.  I have a laptop that I have Cygwin installed on
with a NT4 sp4 OS.  When using Cygwin at the office I notice little slow down
once I turn of the Virus Scanner.  I, also notice that I see little problem if
I boot with no network setup when I'm at home.  However, if I boot up with
network setup and am connected to my mini-hub the lights flicker and the
process of accessing the drives are delayed.

I don't have networked drives in my path and the only thing of interest in the
strace was the emulated /etc/password and /etc/group files which I believe to
be the problem here.  I have nontsec set in my CYGWIN variable; but I believe
that is the default anyway.


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