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Re: New GCC available for testing (TRY 4) -- fixes include path problem

Just tested TRY 4 -- seems to work fine building libz.dll, and linking
minigzip.exe to either  the import lib libz.dll.a or to the static
libz.a using -static. I also was able to link directly to the dll itself
without the use of an import lib.  It all seems to work fine.

I did not test -mno-cygwin or anything mingw-related.


Chris Faylor wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 10:55:03AM -0700, Carl Thompson wrote:
> >OK, I just tested this latest version and there is still a problem with
> >includes.  The MinGW include paths are appended to the search list, but the
> >POSIX include paths are not removed.  In cases where there is a Windows
> >specific funtion with the same name as a different POSIX function, the wrong
> >one is used.  The output of "gcc -v" I have attached demonstrates this as
> >the compiler complains about mkdir(const char*, int) vs mkdir(const char*).
> Thanks for trying this again.  I've changed the "idirafter"'s in the
> specs file to "isystem"'s and it now finds the stuff in the mingw
> directory first when -mno-cygwin is specified.
> As I mentioned in another thread, this does not eliminate the searching
> of the /usr/include directory because you need that to grab the
> windows-specific headers that live there.  The current cygwin layout
> mixes windows and "POSIX" header files in the same directory.
> This means that if a -mno-cygwin program says '#include <sys/termios.h>'
> it will find the cygwin version of termios.h.  This is as it has always
> been, AFAIK, and I'm not going to try to redesign things to correct this
> now.  If anyone wants strict separation, I suggest installing the mingw
> version of gcc in a separate directory.
> Anyway, I've uploaded a new tar ball with the above changes.  I've also included
> the specs file that it uses in this message.  It should be the only
> change to this distribution, if you want to try it.
> cgf
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                Name: specs.gz
>    specs.gz    Type: application/x-gunzip
>            Encoding: base64
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
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