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Re: all commands start up sloooooow......

"Norling, Gunnar" wrote:
> Hey,
> I experience this behaviour as well. Every time I execute, e.g. a simple
> 'ls' it seams as if some networking is done. This also happens if I try to
> start notepad from inside Bash. (My dial-up monitor flashes).
> And for me, this is very noticable, because I'm using a dial-up connection.
> My NT-logon goes via this dial-up connection, i.e. I'm not logged in
> locally.
> What is happening? Some kind of authentication?

Yup. The problem is related to some calls to get account information,
needed for ntsec. Some code parts are called with ntsec OFF by
mistake, which are relying on the availability of the logon server.
So usually you can't see those delays if you use a local account.

I'm just patching that to call the related stuff only if ntsec is
ON as well as trying to get the account information from the local
machine first and to molest the logon server only when the info
isn't available locally.

I hope you will see the changes in the next net release. I will
check that into the cvs perhaps this week.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Developer
Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat company

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