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OpenSSH 2.1 to Windows2000

I've installed CygWin v1.1.2 on a Windows2000 Advanced Server
running in Application Terminal Services mode. Everything
so far has been installed 'correctly' using the ever so
painful "change user /install". All users have roaming
profiles (local to the box), as well has home directories
(mapped to their H: drive). HOME is set in the system-wide
/etc/profile for all users to be /cygdrive/h.

I've installed inetutils v1.3.2-3 and mkpasswd/mkgroup to
create the correct environment. After hacking the registry
to get the mountpoints right (HKU/.Defaults/Cyg*/Cyg*/mount*
is completely foobar... it seems you must implicitly fix
the / mountpoint as well as /usr/bin and /usr/lib). I'm
not the happiest camper.. but at least I can telnet/ftp into
the system now.

The biggest problem I have with the current configuration:
it seems that the *everyone* who telnets into the system
gets the H: (/cygdrive/h) drive mapping of the LAST person
to login to the system via RDP (but not via telnet..
very very odd). 

I've also installed openssh 2.1.0p3 from Corinna's binary
package. After running "ssh-keygen -f" to generate the
hostkey, and setting up the appropriate authorized_keys for
a specific RSA trust to a Solaris 2.7 box running ssh-1.2.27,
it is possible to run sshd as that user and ssh in with RSA

However, trying to run ssh in "multiuser mode" spawned via
inetd (added sshd -i to /etc/inetd.conf) results in refused
authentication (most likely due to mucked up home directories).

What can I do to address this problem? I'm not sure how
many others are using TSE/Win2000TS multiuser boxes with
Cygwin, but this is really rather fsck'ing annoying. :-/

Anyway, thanks for the great software! It's really a treat
to have my native OpenSource environment when forced to
use a platform that normally drives me up a wall :)

- Ian C. Blenke <> <>

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