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Re: OpenSSH 2.1 to Windows2000

Ian Blenke wrote:
> I've installed inetutils v1.3.2-3 and mkpasswd/mkgroup to
> create the correct environment. After hacking the registry
> to get the mountpoints right (HKU/.Defaults/Cyg*/Cyg*/mount*
> is completely foobar... it seems you must implicitly fix

This will be fixed in the next cygwin release. No default
root mount point will be generated anymore.

> The biggest problem I have with the current configuration:
> it seems that the *everyone* who telnets into the system
> gets the H: (/cygdrive/h) drive mapping of the LAST person
> to login to the system via RDP (but not via telnet..
> very very odd).

Sigh. It's not a problem of Cygwin but a general oddity in
the SMB protocol (what's the current name of that?!?).
Trying to explain that would let growing even more gray hair...

> I've also installed openssh 2.1.0p3 from Corinna's binary

That's nice, but...

> However, trying to run ssh in "multiuser mode" spawned via
> inetd (added sshd -i to /etc/inetd.conf) results in refused
> authentication (most likely due to mucked up home directories).

did you read the README?


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Developer
Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat company

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