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RE: make-3.79-1 simply hangs


Thnks for your answer. The problem is that after I have dos2unixed all
dependency files it is working.


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> Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 6:51 PM
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> Subject: Re: make-3.79-1 simply hangs
> On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 01:49:08PM +0200, Gerbert Orasche wrote:
> >I have the problem that Make hangs, CPU is at 0 percent. The Makefile
> >includes many sed generated dependency files containing DOS
> style CR/LF. My
> >guess is that this is causing the hang.
> That's usually an indication of something waiting for input.  Try
> typing CTRL-D
> and see if things progress further.  Either that or type:
> make < nul
> I'm not suggesting that this is a fix but if things move along
> with this method
> it means that something like sed is trying to read from standard
> input rather
> than a file.  You'll have to debug your makefile to figure out
> exactly what
> is causing this.
> cgf
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