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Re: OpenSSH 2.1 to Windows2000

Ian Blenke wrote:
> Glad to hear it. It currently seems best to duplicate the
> systemwide mounts into the .DEFAULT mounts; otherwise,
> inetd does not inherit the appropriate mountpoints and
> can't spawn anything correctly. Rather painful, but it
> seems to work quite well.

No. The right way is creating system mount points as suggested
in the various READMEs.

> Either way, WinNT TSE and Windows2000 TS have never given
> me a problem with drive mappings; even with dozens of users
> logged in (each with their own filemappings to the same server).

Microsoft TS code is more or less part of the OS so they
have possibilities which others only can dream about.

> Are you suggesting that 'SYSTEM' is mapping the user drives

Oh, I don't suggest that...

> before "becoming" the user? This is the only thing that
> would immediately describe the symptoms I'm seeing.

As I mentioned in my previous mail, there are some sort
of oddities. For example a user logged in via local
windows logon creates a drive mapping. The same user
is logged in via telnet simultaneously. S/He can use that
drive in the telnet session but a `net use' doesn't return
that drive! That's not normal but that's live!


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Developer
Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat company

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