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Kudos. Cygwin 1.1+ _rocks_

As a counterpoint to the occasional complaints about how
cygwin doesn't work and how this is broken and why don't
you fix it, et yadda-yadda cetera, I'd like to say just
_how_ much better 1.1 is than b20.

We do cross development, using gcc under cygwin and targeting
a prodigious panoply of processors.  Prior to this latest
net release, we had to build the various versions of gcc,
gdb and binutils under linux.  With this latest version of
cygwin, "./configure --target=xyz; make" _works_!

Unless you've built cross tools, you cannot imagine what a
win this is.  Prior to this latest release building a tool
chain consumed a huge amount of time and disk space (for
the linux->win32, linux->target and win32->target builds
of gcc &c).

So thanks.  cygwin is improving over time.

(Note for the curious: the builds of the toolchain are done
under Win95.  Yeah, we get the "could not fork" error every
now and then, but that's livable).

John Paulson
PowerTV, Inc.
Tel: 408/777-4769
Fax: 408/777-0176

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