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RE: select() implementation question

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> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 8:34 PM
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> Subject: Re: select() implementation question
> select() on a socket uses the winsock version of select it does not
> establish connections, AFAIK.
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I've written a small C program: It initializes a struct sockaddr_in, calls
socket(), bind(), listen() and saves the socket in a fd_set. Now there is
exact one listening port. Then select() is called (and the fd_set is passed
to select()). A second random port is opened for listening. When select()
returns "something" connects to this second random port and a connection is
established. After that this listening port is closed but the connection

I have no problems to use "my" listening port - everything works well. I
just noticed that there are some additional unusual things happening so I
want to make sure that this is cygwin and not a bug in my application. Can
anyone confirm this behaviour of network applications under cygwin? If you
like I can send you the C source code: one file, 50 lines, nothing special.
It would be nice to know that this is select()'s standard behaviour then I
could happily go on coding.


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