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inetd problems

I was having a couple problems with inetd in the latest
inetutils-1.3.2-4.  Below is a patch that works around
my problems.

First, I wasn't able to start inetd with debugging because
some service manager code needed to be skipped over.

Second, after running "inetd --install-as-service", in
the Services Manager for "CYGWIN inetd", "System Account" was
selected and *everything* was greyed out (so I couldn't
change it to another account).  Although inetd started
up, all attempts to start a subprocess failed with
"fork: No more processes" (from the Event Viewer).
And, I needed to start it up with a different Account
that has permissions to access some remote drives.

I think what I observed is related to my account
being in the Administrators group, but I do not have
access to the Administrator account.  The switch
to SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS allowed me to do what
I want.

Has anyone else seen this?


Eric Fifer

diff -ur inetutils-1.3.2.orig/inetd/inetd.c inetutils-1.3.2/inetd/inetd.c
--- inetutils-1.3.2.orig/inetd/inetd.c	Tue May 23 10:46:13 2000
+++ inetutils-1.3.2/inetd/inetd.c	Thu Jun 15 10:26:12 2000
@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@
                                  SERVICE_QUERY_STATUS |
                                  SERVICE_START |
-                                 SERVICE_WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS |
+                                 SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS |
@@ -600,7 +600,7 @@
 	char buf[50];
 #ifdef __CYGWIN__
-        if (is_winnt) {
+        if (is_winnt && debug == 0) {
             pid_t server_pid;
             openlog("inetd", LOG_PID | LOG_NOWAIT, LOG_DAEMON);

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