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setup vs setup 1.48, and the cygwin.bat file

Just finished upgrading to the 1.1.2 DLL.  That rocked; "Hello World"
can be built now, etc, etc.  (All of the executables that I created under
1.1 die now, but I can relink those.)

Two questions:

1)  When I went to retrieve "the latest version" of setup.exe, I saw
    that the current setup.exe has a version of 1.45.something, but has a
    newer timestamp than setup-1.48.exe.  I tried searching the mailing list
    archives for mentions of setup-1.48.exe to see what the story was, but
    the search engine ignored the numbers.  So, which one should we be using?

2)  Running setup to get /any/ packages always rewrites the cygwin.bat file.
    Unfortunately, I have to edit that file in order to make cygwin
    useful[0].  I've been thinking[1] of patching setup to only write
    the file under certain conditions, but that raises the question:
    when does that file need to be recreated, and when can we skip it?
    (I am not a cygwin expert.)

[0]  The ending %PATH% has to replaced with a smaller hardcoded list,
     since %PATH% contains a bunch of Novell Netware drives, which as we
     all know has a nasty effect on the linker and other programs.  And bash
     needs to be called with --login to find all the startup files.  And
     HOME needs to be set before calling bash.  I think that's all.
[1]  I can't get to the sources via CVS, so it may not be worth the trouble.
     (The firewall won't let me do anoncvs.  I can do the ssh-tunneled CVS
     to get to the egcs sources, but those aren't under the same repository
     as winsup.)

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