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Re: Compiling resources in B20.1

--- Wolfgang Zocher <> wrote:
> Hi, all --
> I'm new to cygwin and I'm just trying to compile the sources of scilab,
> a math program from INRIA. The compilation advances for all f77 and c
> routines. However, the process of building the program stops at the
> point where some *.rc files should be translated in some way. To
> translate the *.rc to *.res I got the lrc compiler: this seems to work.
> But now the make file  needs cvtres.exe to convert *.res to *.o using
> cygwin.dll. Searching the net I found an old cvtres.exe (B18 I think).
> But this program doesn't work because there is no cygwin.dll - only
> cygwin1.dll (I made my setup of B20.1 from full.exe and got the new
> gcc-2.95.2)
> What is wrong???

The program you're looking for is windres.  Windres --help will give you enough
to figure out how to use it.


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