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What is the difference between Cygwin 1.1.0 and B20.1?

I am new to cygwin and confuse about both version Cygwin 1.1.0 and B20.1 as 
well as some questions.

Actually, I have already install from setup.exe but lots of tutorial about 
installing cygwin teach about install from full.exe(B20.1). I installed 
full.exe but those bins are old and have to creat unix directory tree too. 
Well, full.exe has cygwin icon on desktop.

It seems like setup.exe has the latest stuff so why people still recommend 
install cygwin full.exe? Advantage and disadvantage for both.

Also, what will be recommend to update and install after cygwin?
I have already install VIM as editor. What kind of software you guys 
recommend in order to make cygwin more powerful to use and make coding and 
compile easier.

Kind of long and haver several questions. If anyone can show me the road map 
and I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.
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