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RE: cygwin 1.1.2 - CYGWIN=binmode [subject changed]

--- Christopher Jones <> wrote:
> > >Is CYGWIN=binmode supposed to be a global way of doing the 
> > same thing as
> > >mounting everything in binmode because it isn't acting like it... ?
> > 
> > The documentation for the project is currently located at the 
> > cygwin web
> > site:
> > 
> >
> > 
> According to the user manual, Chapter 3...
> In b20.1 of 12/98, a file will be opened in binary mode if any of the
> following conditions hold:
>         1.binary mode is specified in the open call
>         2.CYGWIN contains binmode
>         3.the file resides in a binary mounted partition
>         4.the file is not a disk file
> So I'm asking the same question as above, if I do not mount a drive at all
> and I have specified binmode in CYGWIN then why does the file end up with
> CRLF in it?  If I do mount the drive, then I get LF only, which is what I
> want, but without having to mount every drive.
From Chapter 3 I see:

The CYGWIN environment variable

The CYGWIN environment variable is used to configure many global settings for
the Cygwin runtime system. It contains the options listed
below, separated by blank characters. Many options can be turned off by
prefixing with no .

      (no)binmode - if set, non-disk (e.g. pipe and COM ports) file opens
default to binary mode (no CR/LF/Ctrl-Z translations) instead of
      text mode. Defaults to set (binary mode). This option must be set before
starting a Cygwin shell to have an effect on redirection.


Notice that it states *non-disk*.


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