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RE: New GCC available for testing (TRY 3) -- fixes -mno-cygwin pr oblem

--- Norman Vine <> wrote:
> Earnie Boyd writes:
> >
> >What does `touch dummy.c; gcc -c dummy.c -E -dM' output?
> >
> This begs the question that I have had in my mind lately:
> What is the consensus of opinion as to the 'best' way to 
> differentiate a 'Cygwin' compile in a header file.
> I have been stumbling apon this a lot recently
> #if defined( _WIN32 ) 
> which IMHO breaks Cygwin

Me too, and that is why I modify the specs file to only define _WIN32 and WINNT
if the -mno-cygwin switch is specified.

> and have been changing it to
> #if defined( _WIN32 ) && !defined( __CYGWIN__ )
> but perhaps I should start using
> #if defined( _WIN32 ) && !defined( unix ) 

Just for the record, the most recent version added -mno-win32 which you could
use and the unix define was just recently added as well.


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