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Re: errant mount point? registry cleanup?

On Sat, Jun 24, 2000 at 05:50:54PM -0500, Jeff Jensen wrote:
>From: "Jeff Jensen" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: errant mount point?  registry cleanup?
>Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 17:50:54 -0500
>Importance: Normal
>Hi, I just successfully upgraded to cygwin/latest (as of last night's
>versions).  I have a simple question that I couldn't find the answer to.
>Issuing mount returns the following:
>Device              Directory           Type         Flags
>c:\cygwin\bin       /usr/bin            user         binmode
>c:\cygwin\lib       /usr/lib            user         binmode
>c:\cygwin           /                   user         binmode
>\                   c:                  user         textmode
>I am thinking the last mount point is errant, etc. and I should remove it,
>but I don't know.

Don't know where it came from, but yes, it is ok to delete the mount point.

>Also, there is quite a bit of registry info reported by cygcheck that is
>from b20 (a few things are even marked b15, and I've only used b20).  Is it
>best to remove these, and if so, is there a fast, easy way to do so (an
>existing script, etc.) that removes/redoes the registry needs?  I suppose I
>could delete all and reinstall...everything runs fine so it is probably best
>to leave them?

You can delete the old b15 stuff.  There is no simple way to do this, although
if you are really brave you could play around with the "regtool" program that
DJ wrote.  It allows you to add and delete registry keys.  Typing "regtool"
on a line by itself should provide you with enough help to do this, but
be careful!

regedit is probably a little safer since it is graphical and you can see exactly
what you're deleting.


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