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Re: [Q]STL vector with -mno-cygwin

On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 11:09:23AM -0700, Carl Thompson wrote:
>Chris Faylor wrote:
>> ...
>> Ah.  Sorry.  Wrong answer.  This is the:
>> "You can't use C++ standard libraries with -mno-cygwin since the
>> libraries were compiled as cygwin libraries.  If you want mingw
>> versions of libstdc++ you'll have to find them elsewhere."
>> reply.  Possibly will have these.
>Is there a list of the libraries that can and cannot be used with
>"-mno-cygwin" ?

The "CYGWIN" distribution contains libraries that are compiled with
"CYGWIN".  The only exceptions are the libraries that are specifically
built via mingw:

libcrtdll.a  libmingw32.a  libmingwthrd.a  libmoldname.a  libmsvcrt.a
libmsvcrt20.a  libmsvcrt40.a

>Probably MinGW versions of the standard C++ libraries would be a good
>idea to include with Cygwin for people that use the "-mno-cygwin"


I have little interest in -mno-cygwin.  I am the Cygwin Engineering
Manager.  I'm not the No-Cygwin Engineering Manager.

However, I would be thrilled to include anything mingw related in a
future distribution.  I am just not going to go out of my way myself to
do something that does not interest me.  I assume that since neither
Corinna nor DJ has stepped forward, they are not interested either.

Additionally, no one else is rushing forth to be the new mingw maintainer.
That's a shame but I would strongly suggest that everyone who is interested
in mingw should do something about this.  I am interested only insofar as
I am sick and tired of people suggesting that I solve their problems and
would like to see someone provide a solution instead of a "good idea".

There is a mingw mailing list.  Possibly you'll find a volunteer over
there who will be interested in implementing your plan.


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