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Re: Why does cygwin 1.1.2 hide /usr/bin?

--- Ross Smith <> wrote:
> I just installed cygwin 1.1.2.
> When I type mount, I get:
> bash-2.04$ mount
> Device              Directory           Type         Flags
> C:\cygwin\bin       /usr/bin            user         binmode
> C:\cygwin\lib       /usr/lib            user         binmode
> C:\cygwin           /                   user         binmode
> bash-2.04$
> This is causing me problems, as when I install
> from
> It wants to install in /usr/bin and /usr/lib.  Since these are hidden by the
> above mounts, the rpm command cannot be found.

This has all the markings of using a non-cygwin program to unzip the file. 
Non-cygwin programs do not and will never understand the Cygwin mount points.

> If I mv rpm.exe to /bin/, then rpm complains:
> Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading: No such file or directory.
> Of course, I could mv /usr/lib/rpm/* to /lib/rpm/, but I'm thinking this may
> never end.  

> Plus I know that ssh is going to install in /usr/local/sbin which will be 
> hidden too.

*No*, /usr/local/sbin has its mount point at /.

> My question is, why have the above mounts, and what is the best way to fix
> this problem now, and in the future?

The why has been answered before, please see the archives.  The best way to fix
this problem is to not use Non-Cygwin programs to extract the archives.


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