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Inetutils and mount points

I'd like to get Cygwin's inetd running, but I've run into something in
the setup instructions that I don't understand.

From the inetd readme:

>  - No user mount point is valid anymore! You have to install all
>    your mount points in the system mount table. This doesn't
>    change after you have logged in to a normal user account eg.
>    via telnet/rlogin. It's possible that we can use the user
>    mounts as soon as somebody contributes a patch to login and
>    ftp that allows loading a user hive into the registry after
>    authentication.

The problem is that I can't figure out *how* to change all my mount
points to system. I tried doing it by hand, and ended up screwing up
my Cygwin system so badly I had to delete and reinstall Cygwin from
scratch to get it working again. The problem basically seems to be
that, once you've unmounted the three original mount points
(/, /usr/bin, and /usr/lib), everything stops working and you can't
remount them again.

A search of the mailing list archives turned up nothing helpful. Am I
missing something that's supposed to be obvious?

PS. Unrelated to the above, I got this error when I was reinstalling

> Installing tcltk-20000610.tar.gz
> /t/tar.exe: usr/man/mann/promptdialog.n: Could not create file:
> Permission denied
> /t/tar.exe: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> Unable to reset protection on 'C:\usr\man\mann\promptdialog.n' - No
> such file or directory
> Updated package 'tcltk'

The same thing happened last time I installed (I didn't report it then
because I accidentally deleted the log so I couldn't show you the
error message). Both times I tried again with "setup tcltk" and it
seemed to work fine. Should I be worried, or is this just an
unimportant cosmetic problem?

Ross Smith <> The Internet Group, Auckland, New Zealand
   "So that's 2 T-1s and a newsfeed ... would you like clues with that?"
                                                       -- Peter Da Silva

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