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Using glib(c) and gtk+ in Cygwin

Often, when I compile some 3rd party programs (as an example, nmap) on Cygwin
(1.1.2), they fail because they require "glib", "glibc" and "gtk+". I'm pretty new
to GNU/Cygwin stuff, but I'm guessing these are libraries?

I have downloaded them all, but I can't install them because the configure scripts

*glib (1.2.8) configures ok but gives me all sorts of compile errors. I managed to
fix the first one (something in g_strsignal), but I have no idea how to replace
the pthread_cond_t it calls all the time.
*glibc (2.1.3) won't run configure, because it claims that it hasn't been ported
to "i686-pc-cygwin".
*gtk+ (1.2.8) can't run without glib.

I'm assuming that these files are pretty commonly used, so it should be possible
to get them working on the Cygwin system, right?
Am I using the right compile methods? I type:

make install

And it fails at the configure or make. What am I doing wrong?

I didn't include the excact error messages here, because I assume that many people
will have these libraries compiled and working... they seem to be pretty much the
foundation of all the GNU software, so why don't they work out of the box? Do I
need to modify them for Cygwin, or should I download something other than the
official releases?

Jonas Jensen

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