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problems building cygwin from src tarball

(Sorry for the late reply, I've been away.)

On Thursday 15 Jun 00, writes:
> Hi,
> what is the propesed procedure to build the cygwin-1.2.2 from the
> source tarball in latest. Naivly I downloaded the file, extracted
> the files into /src, went into /src/cygwin-1.2.2, run ./configure,
> and than make. Make stops complaining not finding install-sh ... OK,
> there were some messages in the list some time ago concerning the
> missing install-sh.

And a new FAQ entry!

> Next try: After cleaning up the complete /src and reinstalling the
> cygwin source tarball: Switch into /src/cygwin-1.2.2, mkdir bld, cd
> bld, ../configure and then make ... fine, seems to work much better
> - unfortunately after some time make stops complaining about missing
> commands texinfo, texi2html, db2html ... I seem to miss something
> still ...
> A short check proves that the files are not part of the texinfo.tar.gz ... ?

I will add something to the FAQ about this.  I don't build Cygwin from
source myself, so I can't determine what's missing.  If someone can
tell me what *additional* packages and tools are required (i.e., not
part of cygwin/latest), I can identify them in the FAQ.


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