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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20000627

> -----Original Message-----
> From: AJ Reins []
> Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 6:32 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20000627
> Dave Arnold wrote:
> > 
> > What is ASH? Is it the same as BASH?  I opened a bash shell 
> on my win95
> > install of cygwin and tried to find ash and couldn't find 
> it anywhere?
> > 
> > /dAVe
> No, Bash and Ash are two seperate shells. Bash could be described as
> Ash on steroids. It is bigger and more complex, while Ash is small
> and fast. Two different outlooks on the same kind of program.
> > 
> > >I've installed a new version of ash in 
> sourceware:/cygwin/latest/ash.
> > >
> > >Changes:
> > >
> > >- When evaluating stdout of backquote commands, it's read in
> > >  textmode to handle native windows commands in backquotes as
> > >  well.
> I have not made this change to Bash, as this is controlled by 
> the CYGWIN
> environment variable setting to binmode to keep the carriage 
> returns or
> to nobinmode to remove them. This is of course an over-simplification
> of the actual reason, but I hope I have gotten my point across. If
> you, the user, want the stripping of the carriage returns, then it is
> YOUR responsibility to set the variable accordingly. See Earnie Boyd's
> site for more information, as Earnie has a much better way with words
> than I do.
> Comments, flames, chocolate-chip cookies are all appreciated.
> ^^^^^^^^

Just one: back-quote substitution is used in TEXT context: it replace some
TEXT by some other TEXT; arguing it may be BINARY data is quite obscure to
me :-)

For me Corinna is perfectly correct by reading the output from the command
substitution in text mode regardless of the CYGWIN setting.



PS: please don't understand this as a wish to start another TEXT vs BINARY
flame war; it's just a comment on a comment on something I agree with :-)

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