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Re: Cygwin version confusion

On Thu, 29 Jun 00 15:39:45 +0100, you wrote:

>I'm a little confused regarding the versions of Cygwin and pieces that come
>with the various products/downloads. I originally installed GNUPro Toolkit
>for NT Version 99r1p1.
>bash --help -> GNU bash, version 2.02.1(2)-release-(i686-pc-cygwin32)
>uname -r ->    21.0 (0.9/1/2)
>I found this installation lacked several utilities (like man.exe) so I
>downloaded and installed (in another directory tree) the latest Cygwin
>setup.exe along with several packages I was interested in (fileutils, groff,
>bash --help -> GNU bash, version 2.04.0(1)-release-(i586-pc-cygwin)
>uname -r    -> 1.1.2(0.21/3/2)
>The latest version shows that I'm running a later version of both bash and
>Cygwin. The i586-pc-cygwin bothers me a little. I'm on a PIII machine. I
>don't recall setup allowing me to indicate what type of machine I'm running.
>Did I miss something?

No, this information does not come from your system, this information
describes the system on which bash was compiled (It is burned into the

Perhaps bash should be repackaged with i686-pc-cygwin to be in sync
with all the other packages which are normally configured with

Michael Ring

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