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Re: Running a NT program from cygwin


"Tom M. Yeh" wrote:

> It works if I
> place $(cygpath -w $(shell pwd)), but I don't like the platform dependency.
> I can add if/else/endif, but...

This is exactly what we do -- I don't see anyway around this.  It is
certainly much better than trying to maintain two makefiles -- one for
UNIX (ie, GNU make) and one for Windows (ie, Microsoft nmake).

> Any hint, why does the problem, I mentioned, happen?

Your "problem" is due to non-Cygwin apps (eg, cl) do not understand
Cygwin constructs such as mount points, symlinks, etc.  The way to
map back and forth is cygpath.

> Invoke: e /usr/include/stdio.h -> FAIL, c:\cygwin\usr\usr\include\stdio.h is

My guess would be that e is actually trying to open


and not


This is because the Win32 CreateFile and open *can* deal with forward
slashes but will use the current drive letter for absolute paths if
none is supplied.

I refer you to the "Mapping path names" section of the Cygwin User's

for more information.


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