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"date" shows day time with two hours difference

(pas d'objet)

(Q)how to use perl in cygwin-b20?

Re: *Another* 5/24 snapshot

Re: /usr/bin and /usr/lib mount points (WAS: RE: telnet problems with current cygwin version)

1.1.0: wrong negative HUGE_VAL

1.1.2: tcl looks in wrong place for share/

<defunct> processes under Win9x...




[ANNOUNCEMENT] Latest versions of inetutils/login/crypt now on sourceware!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New version of Bash 2.04-1 has just been released.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW version of inetutils-1.3.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] OpenSSH-2.1.0p3 for Cygwin 1.1.1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20000627

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: binutils-20000625.tar.gz

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin DLL 1.1.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gawk-3.0.4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-2.95.2-2 and binutils-19990818-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb 20000608

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb 20000608-1, tcltk 20000608

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: make 3.79

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: make-3.79-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: make-3.79-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: make-3.79-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: termcap-20000618

Re[2]: [cygdev] win9x ansi secseq

[Fwd: cygwin 1.1 in.h error]

[ software bug]

[ Cygwin bash mount over Ataman telnetd is inaccessible.]

[PATCH] Caching in's chdir

[PATCH] Cygpath enhancement

[ [Fwd: Set Up]]

[Q]STL vector with -mno-cygwin

[Update] Re: GDB on Win2k doesn't work for me.

^M and GNU indent

Accept() waits forever...

Account ID and Password


all commands start up sloooooow......

Re: Another bash problem?

Another small setup.exe suggestion

Antwort: Re: inetd-configuration

Apache ->setsid: Not owner

Autoconf binary package.

AW: "date" shows day time with two hours difference

awk problem with embedded awk scripts...

awk using program files

B18: problem with file-format conversion MSDOS->UNIX

B20.1: make doesn't work - not LF problem

B20.1: problem with the man command

Background processes?

Bad CPP.EXE on GCC 2.95.2 ??

bash PATH problem [WAS:gdb 20000610 crashes]

binary mounts as default

Re: binutils IEEE support is broken in binutils because of `slashpatch'

bison info files missing?

Bug of bash with sed operation ???

BUG: RasDial functions

build new version of binutils

Building DLL's with Cygwin

c_cc[VMIN] / c_cc[VTIME]

Can cygwin's setup.exe install cygwin sources?

Can gdb debug win32 native program?

Can i send gnu related questions

Can somebody tell me how I find out what version of Cygwin I am using?

Can't build a DLL using gcc

can't compile wget and lapack++

Cannot compile because of cpp.exe: C:\TEMP/foo.i: Permission denied

Cant' get <mount> command to work...

Caution about ln

cd /d/somedir fails, but cd /d; cd somedir works

Compiling in source trees

Compiling Nedit 5.1.1 with B20.1

Compiling resources in B20.1

Re: confirm unsubscribe from


Corinna Vinschen's cygwin'ed tcsh (6.08) under NT Emacs (20.6)?

cp needs Full control?

Cross GCC for AS400

current gcc snapshot not finding library functions bindtextdomain(), textdomain(), gettext()

RE: cxref porting problem

Cygdrive Path Prefix Patch Issue

Cygnus 1.1.2 setup hangs for me under Windows NT 4.0

Cygnus Insight GDB acting funny...What is (error 193)?



cygwin & NT memory allocation limit ?

Cygwin 1.1 Acces Violation in NTDLL.DLL

cygwin 1.1 in.h error

RE: cygwin 1.1.2 - CYGWIN=binmode [subject changed]

cygwin 1.1.2 - slow execution of each command

Cygwin 1.1.2 and usr/i686-pc-cygwin

Cygwin 1.1.2 and Windows 2000 - problems with Russian characters

Re: Cygwin 1.1.2: mirror site not updated

cygwin 1.1.2: undefined reference to `setlinebuf'

Cygwin FAQ

cygwin icon

Cygwin install problem

Cygwin is great!

cygwin make and Windows 2000?

Cygwin port of GDB not working too well...

Cygwin version confusion

cygwin-1.1.2: printf("%e") broken

cygwin-net: viruses in .tar.gz files??

Cygwin1.dll (1.1.2) CRLF

cygwin1.dll (v1.1.2): dup2() with invalid newfd lead to exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

d:/foo to //d/foo to d:\foo to d:/foo

DDD problems in cygwin ... help

dead end:

Debugging under SMP problem


disk/file Image Utility ?

DLL Data Symbols

DLL initialization problem

dos2unix shell script

Re: du from / say du: cannot change to directory .: No such file or d irectory

du from / say du: cannot change to directory .: No such file or directory

Dynamic Perl with Cygwin 1.1

Editor friendly man output...

Emacs&Cygwin: Can't kill subprocess in shell with C-c C-c

email address change

email address confusion

env command went berserk; variables named *PATH*; PATH_SEP character

errant mount point? registry cleanup?

Error in winnt.h?

Errors compiling a perl-generated C code

ESC characters listed when I pipe through "less"

Ethernet address

exteme newbie

Extreme newbie here...

File Synchronization

Followup to Re: Unable to build cygwin from cvs sources

for f in *; with samba (cygwin 1.1.1)

fortran 90 compiler

ftp server not returning directory information down?

gcc and macro expansion

gcc can't find include files under Windows 2000

gcc doesn't work with CYGWIN=ntsec

gcc error: stray `/` in program

gcc for DB2 embedded SQL

gdb -- something is screwed up

gdb 20000608-1 and itcl

Re: gdb 20000608-1 and itcl/2

Re: gdb 20000608-1 and itcl/3

gdb 20000610 crashes

Re: gdb and cywin

gdb and threads

gdb emits error message, Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

gdb help

gdb newbie: gdb - still broken ?

GDB on Win2k doesn't work for me.

gdb problem

gdb running in background

gdb won't run in GUI mode under NT

gdb-20000610 and binutils-20000625

General newbie, Cygnus, and GNU compiling questions

Get info working


GNU LilyPond and Guile binaries available

Guidelines needed

Having anonymous user in ftpd.

Hello again

Help with errors

How does setup.exe handle duplicate files?

Re: How to learn exact spelling of directories and files: /temp vs. / TEMP etc.

Re: How to learn exact spelling of directories and files: /temp vs. / TEMP etc.

How to learn exact spelling of directories and files: /temp vs. /TEMP etc.

how to link function sopen

How to set editor like VIM in cygwin with and with GUI ?

How to use compiler

i960 Cross Compiler and MSDOS or Win

include incompatibilities

inetd and telnetd for Win98??

inetd doesn't work until stopped and restarted

inetd problems


Inetutils and mount points

Re: inetutils questions

Insight error - TK stack trace

Install Cygwin from latest with setup.exe : missing as and ld

RE: install pb

Installation Problem

Insufficient memory for latest setup.exe

Interface between Cygwin and NT CMD Shell

ioctl and FIONREAD?

Is -mno-cygwin support being removed????

Re: Is -mno-cygwin support being removed???? (What th'?)

Is this a resolution for the GDB problem?


Issues about Mingw32

ksh and zsh

Kudos. Cygwin 1.1+ _rocks_

large programs

Latest gcc/cygwin - bug in %e format specifier?

Latest Snapshot

Latest version of cygwin

RE: Latest versions of inetutils/login/crypt now on sourceware!


libmysql anyone?

libtool problem

Looking for a gooood port of VI for cygwin...

looking for files

looking for files part2

Looking for updated b20 dll



Make and javac compliler problem in bash

Make failing on ".exists"

make problem

make stackdump.

make win32 chokes on lone tab

make win32 doesn't correctly handle canned sequences.

make's @ prefix doesn't work correctly in canned sequences

Make, and VPATH's

make-3.79-1 simply hangs


make/cygwin 1.1.1

MAN info/page files


Memory access restrictions under cygwin NT ?

microsoft keyboard.sys

Mingw with gcc in cygwin

minimal ssh client install

Minor /bin/sh bug

mmap() for shared memory?

mno-cygwin problems - advice needed

Re: Modified g++.exe

More details about cannot compile because of cpp.exe: /tmp/foo.i: Permission denied

more make problems...

More thoughts on my telnet problems

Re: mount's --change-cygdrive-prefix option

Re: mount's --change-cygdrive-prefix option (was Re: text / binary mounts (sorry))

mount's --change-cygdrive-prefix option (was Re: text / binary mounts (sorry))

naive question: gcc and glibc

naive request: Cygwin and Windows/DOS program

Need help. Updated cygwin-20000610.tar.gz available for testing

need your advice on IE plug-ins

Net Release: Cygwin DLL 1.1.1 corrupts make

New binutils?

RE: New GCC available - AC_CYGWIN fails

RE: New GCC available for testing (TRY 3) -- fixes -mno-cygwin pr oblem

New GCC available for testing (TRY 3) -- fixes -mno-cygwin problem

New GCC available for testing (TRY 4) -- fixes include path problem

New gcc/binutils available for testing

Re:New gcc/binutils available for testing (TRY 2) -- fixes

New gcc/binutils available for testing (TRY 2) -- fixes -mno-cygwin problem

New gdb on sourceware

Re: New sed in latest

New to cygwin

Re: New version of setup.exe with fixes for i686-pc-cygwin/* prob lem

New version of setup.exe with fixes for i686-pc-cygwin/* problem

Re: Newbie AUTOEXEC.BAT question

Newbie question and thanks

non-service sshd2 and ssh-agent2

Re: NT authentication w/ inetd problem

NT security and cygwin

RE: Obtaining short DOS file names?

OFFTOPIC: Outlook 2000

Open SSH scp, inetd ftp

OpenGL, GLU, GLUT and GLUI: how do I make a contrib

OpenSSH 2.1 to Windows2000

openssh and inetd woes...

RE: openssh and inetd woes... + TCP wrappers-7.6-cygwin.diff

OpenSSH and RSA authentication problem

OpenSSH-2.1.0 sshd setup


OpenSSH-2.1.0p3 and broken pipes

OT: VIDE Port (Was Re: Setup didn't update me to cygwin 1.1.2)

Patch for g++

Patch for

Patch for &

Patch rename problem.

Pb with ioctl()


Pipe dies during backup to remote Sun QUIC streamer

please ignore - testing

Please try the 6/1 Cygwin DLL snapshot -- this may be the one

Please try the 6/1 snapshot

port of RCS to cygwin?

posix compliance of sockets

Possible insight into find/du problems

possible ld bug - Resources

probelm with gcc


problem building binutils on NT for ARM w/Cygwin 1.1.2

Problem compiling perl module Term::ReadKey under cygwin

Problem wirh updated gdb-20000608 and tcltk-20000608

Problem with cygwin-1.1.2 gawk-3.0.4 [Was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gawk-3.0.4]

problem with gcc on Windows

problem with inetd distributed with cygwin

Problem with inetd on NT 4

Problem with libtermcap

Problem with running setup

problems building cygwin from src tarball

Problems building GDB and Insight-GDB under latest net release

Problems compiling gcc

problems compiling Visual C sources

Problems compiling Vlib

problems extracting the tcltk-20000610 archives

Problems getting zsh-3.1.7 to work

problems installing

problems updating to cygwin dll 1.1.2

problems with cygwin

Problems with gdb in gdb-20000608-1

problems with latest Cygwin 1.1

Problems with new ci.exe and co.exe

Re: Problems with setup.exe

Problems with shell in general.

problems with vtable-thunks

Problems with wish.

Qt / KDE


RAS missing from header files

rcp -r problem

rcs ci fails under cygwin; ci foo hangs leaving a lock file RCS/fo_

readline headers

Reinstallation problems

Remove my name from the e-mail list

removing CYGWIN inetd service

rm does not remove; ls tem* does not find temp; echo ~foo

rsync under cygwin

Rumors re: SourceNavigator

Running $(shell pwd) in makefile.

Running a NT program from cygwin

Running emacs in telnet session?

rxvt and tcsh

SCP is still running after transfert

select() implementation question

setitimer with values less than 1000 microseconds

setup blues

Setup didn't update me to cygwin 1.1.2

setup gdb && setup binutils problem.

setup vs setup 1.48, and the cygwin.bat file

setup, default mounts



setup.exe doesn't work for me.


shared memory corrupted

shared memory is corrupted

shared memory problems

shell back quote expansion problem

shift: can't shift that many

sick version of GDB

signal implementation bugs

Size of "hello world" program in c++ / cygwin

Small setup.exe suggestion

Socket - connect problem: The descriptor is a file, not a socket

Specification or bug of "patch" in Cygwin B20.1

sprintf bug

SSH newbie

SSH newbie: `command'

SSH newbie: vi, emacs,...


RE: SSH2 Server for Windows ?

sshd2 and pty

stderr/stdout under console

strace crosses fork() on WinNT, but not Win9X...

Success Story Wanted: gcc with different target under Cygwin

Support of shared memory library

Supporting Open Source software

RE: symlink created on Samba (Final Resolution)

symlinks not working on Samba mounted drives.

Re: Syncing Cygwin and GNU Sources

Syncing Cygwin and GNU sources and some performance issue

System is sluggish when using cygwin...

system() when linking against Microsoft DLLs

tar.exe can't create directories

tcltk-20000610-src.tar.gz corrupt

telnet problems with current cygwin version

terminfo/termcap entry (was Re: [PATCH]

testing - please ignore

Testing a freshly built cygwin1.dll

text / binary mounts (sorry)

Thank you!

Today's gdb binary


trying to compile PostgreSQL 7.0 on cygwin 1.1.2

TZ not working

umask ignored

Unable to build cygwin from cvs sources

Unexpected stack dump using strtok() function

Re: Unresolved Symbol: Library for fpsetround in ieeefp.h

unsubscribe problem

Re: Updated: Cygwin DLL 1.1.2

Re: Updated: Cygwin DLL 1.1.2/ `_G_config.h'

RE: Updated: gcc-2.95.2-2 and binutils-19990818-2

RE: Updated: gdb 20000608

Updated: make 3.79-1

Re: Updated: make-3.79-2

user defined malloc

User Guide

Username & Password for some utilities

Using glib(c) and gtk+ in Cygwin

Very weird MAKE/PYTHON/ASH problem.

Re: Vim and Cygnus

weird hanging problems with cygwin v1.1.2

What do I use as an editor!?

What is the difference between Cygwin 1.1.0 and B20.1?

Where can I get Cygwin 20.1b?

where is cygdrive mount point coming from?

where is ncurses?

Why does cygwin 1.1.2 hide /usr/bin?

Wierd mount problem with "latest" release

Win32 gcc and openGL

Win98 and /etc/passwd ??

Win98 cygwin-b20 runtime problem

windres and ICON (was: compiling resources in B20.1)

Workaround :Problem with updated gdb-20000608 and tcltk-20000608

works with egcs, run time error with 2.95.2


zsh under latest cygwin

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