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Re: include files

just a comment: we seem to see a lot of "application" questions.. on the
cygwin home page & faq main page could we put something like

"got a question? " -> pick a topic..
*gcc/perl/any other obvious non-cygwin-specific topic page listing all the
home pages for packages included in latest and contrib
*cygwin/ash is sh/any other heavily cygwin-customed or cygwin-only topic.

and maybe some text like
"Cygwin is a portability layer distributed with a number of other packages
and tools. Many problems you may experience & questions you may have will
not be cygwin-specific and are best answered by the resources dedicated to
those packages and tools..."

just my 0.02

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Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 10:07 PM
Subject: Re: include files

> --- "Sean S." <> wrote:
> > How do I define what directory gcc needs to look in to find the header
> > files?  like when I use #include <filename.h>
> > I'm on a windows 95 machine and using m68k-palmos-gcc.exe if that
> > anything.
> This is the wrong list for your question.  You gcc documentation try `man
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