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Re: sendmail for cygwin?


On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 07:54:34AM -0400, Ed Bradford/Raleigh/IBM wrote:
> Is there a sendmail for CYGWIN?
> Can someone tell me what's available?

In the process of building a Cygwin version of Mutt, I realized that I
needed sendmail or at least a SMTP client only MTA.  Through some links
off of the Mutt home page, I found sSMTP.  The latest version of sSMTP
can be found at:

sSMTP built OOTB under Cygwin. However, sSMTP does not provide a
configure script, so I needed to fiddle with it a little:

    1. install in /usr/local instead /usr (needed to edit Makefile)
    2. prevent From: header overwriting (needed to edit ssmtp.conf)

Other then the above configuration issues, sSMTP has been working great
for months now.

The only other alternative that I can offer is the Win32 native SMTP
client called blat.  We have been using it for years to send ourselves the
status of our nightly (Legato Networker) backups.  You can find blat at:


Jason Tishler
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